Please be careful in every location and time in Seoul.

Although South Korea's situation is relatively stable than few other countries, it is still very dangerous to visit crowded places such as clubs, pubs and others.

If one of our tenant get infected, we will help in every way to contain and get medical treatment as soon as possible.

We cannot emphasize this matter more, please be cautious of Covid19, and act in appropriate manner(ex. wearing mask in lounge)

If a tenant is frequently threatening the well being of the housing and other tenants, one will be evicted.
If a tenant infects Covid19 to other tenants, we will exercise the right to indemnity for medical expense, housing expense and others over appropriate legal manners.


Unfortunately, Korean government prohibits quarantine in any co-living, or dorm type of housing.

Our guests mainly use government facility(hotel), Airbnb or other facilities provided by the schools in Korea.


Our common areas such as lounge may have opening hours due to noise.

Entering and exiting the premise is not restricted.

If one makes excessive noise or cause other inconvenience to tenants, one will be evicted.

Please contact us via email.

Since the room is reserved and preoccupied for your check-in, full 100% refund is not available.

If you must cancel the reservation due to any reasons(ex. Covid, Visa, Medical reasons and others),

Down payment(deposit) will be refunded as followed:

30 days before check-in : 50% of deposit

0 to 30 days before check-in : not refundable

No. Pets are not allowed in the facility.

On the check-out day, the tenant should thoroughly clean the room as the initial condition.

Housing manager will inspect the room, mainly its hygiene(bathroom, room, window and others), toilet or furniture damage.

If there is not any problem, the deposit will be returned within 1 week.

As indicated in the contract, deposit may not be returned partially or fully in following cases:

1. Violation of contract (ex. early check-out, excessive noise, not cleaning communal area after usage)

2. Room sanitation : floor, bathroom, shelf and others

3. Damage of property : toilet clog, furniture cracks and others

No. There is no additional cost other than rent, unless you break something.